Why Centrist

All political parties in Canada either follow a right or left political ideology and they are quite divided in their approach toward economical and social issues. Liberal Party, NDP and Green Party are considered left wing parties. Conservative Party, which was once a right-wing party, is also moving to left of political spectrum. Right wing Parties use fear mongering, anti-minority and anti-indigenous rhetoric, whereas left- wing parties are against developing our natural resources and have become too much extremist in their approach to social issues. Our political system is failing Canadians due to following reasons,

Lack of transparency of both Liberal and Conservative governments, scandals of financial and moral corruption.

Failed economic policies and uncontrolled spending, fiscal and budget deficit, increasing debt resulting in increased taxes.

Oil and gas industry is critical to Canadian economic growth. However, this industry is in crises due to extremist and irrational approach towards climate action that is negatively impacting global GHG emission.

Polarization creates unity crises is societies, and hence is leading to division between Eastern & Western Canada. Indigenous communities and minorities specially become vulnerable to violence in such situations.

Hyper-Partisanship and absolute loyalty of politicians to their parties regardless of their corruption and bad decisions for Canada

Irresponsible approach towards social issues such as crimes, gun violence, drug abuse etc. have put our children and communities at risk.

Systemic Racism towards minorities and Indigenous people creating division and hatred within our communities.

Ineffective Immigration policies, we need to focus on skillful immigrants who can contribute to our economy

There is no party in Canada that has a balanced approach to critical issues faced by all Canadians today, and hence there is dire need of a political platform which provides "Centrist, the most practical and pragmatic approach to problems faced by Canadians."
Centrist Party’s vision is to provide transparent government leading to economic prosperity and strong united Canada.

Our Policies

Following are the key elements of Centrist Party of Canada’s political programs:

  • Honest, transparent, and accountable government with no corruption.
  • Uniting all Canadians to eliminate polarization of our society.
  • Supporting natural resources and oil and gas industry with responsible climate action
  • Believing in the equal opportunity for all Canadians including minorities, and Indigenous people in the diverse cultural community and eliminating systemic racism.
  • Establishing good relationship with the USA, and European Allies as well as promoting neutral peace keeping role at a global stage.

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