Statement on the International Women’s Day.

Toronto, Ontario, March 8, 2021

Every year since 1911, March 8th is celebrated as the International Women’s day. This day serves as a celebration of the achievements of the women before us.  We acknowledge the sacrifices of women across Canada and the globe, to fight for gender equality. While we solute the efforts of these women, we also need to reflect on the work that remains to be done for our future generations.

How Harper Conservative Government Cut Various Women Programs

Unfortunately, in Canada, during the government of the Harper Conservatives, many women programs faced serious setbacks due to lack of support and significant cuts in funding. Some of these programs included: Status of Women Canada, Coalition for Pay Equality, Institute for Advancement of Women, Childcare Advocacy Association, and Centre for Equality Rights for Accommodation.

Although the Liberal Party has done some work towards promoting gender equality, it is not sufficient, and much effort is still required.

Commitment of the Centrist Party of Canada

Today the Centrist Party of Canada is committing to continuous advocacy for women, along with dedication to building an equal Canada. We aim to build upon the work which has been done so far in this direction, and we believe that generations of Centrist Canadians will continue striving for this noble cause.

Unfortunately, Women are heavily underrepresented in Canadian politics, with women representing less than 30% of politicians while making up 50% of the Canadian population. Canada needs a government that will support our women. On this International Women’s Day,

We aim to develop a National Action Plan to combat gender-based violence in Canada.

We will make legislation that effectively eliminates human trafficking from Canada.

We will be nominating 50% women in the next federal election.

If we successfully form government, 50% of our cabinet will be females.

We will take every action possible to cancel legislation of Quebec’s Bill21, which disproportionately targets women of racial minorities.

We will take full action to protect all Canadian women, including the women of Indigenous and other minorities, from any and all forms of discrimination, harassment and abuse.

Centrist Party of Canada will continue to call on the Canadian government to take real and meaningful action to support women across Canada. 

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