Although political polarization, fear mongering and hyper-partisanship started growing in Canadian political landscape with Conservative government in 2006, lately, the worsening political polarization in the United States has caused significant impact on Canadian society. Riots in 2020 presidential election in the US further increased Canada’s tribalism.
Left-wing voters moved further left on the political spectrum, and the right-wing voters are only moving righter. This partisanship has resulted in a lack of moving forward and restraining any compromise that may be necessary for the progression of legislative work. Both sides have become emotionally involved in the political climate, furthering the divide.

Leaders of opposing parties feed on the support of the hyper-partisan individuals who support them and pursue this partisanship, further widening the political spectrum. As society is split amongst political and personal differences in ideologies, strong left- and right-wing voters become more prominent in society. Such people are less likely to compromise their political views and want the government’s policies to align with their ideologies only.

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