Justin Trudeau Has Failed Minorities on Quebec Bill 21

December 13, 2021

Quebec Bill 21 was legislated in June 2019. As a result of this law a teacher in Quebec was fired last week because she wears a head scarf i.e., Hijab. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been aware of this law as well as this incident. In fact, he has been questioned by journalists’ several times if he would take any practical action against this discriminatory law. He has always given statements which do not reflect any real commitment on his part to end this law.

During the English debate in the 2021 federal election, he was asked by the moderator about his opinion on Quebec’s Bill 21. Unfortunately, rather than taking practical action to eliminate this law, he remarked that this question was offensive to him, and he demanded an apology from the moderator on the question about this law.

Being the Prime Minister of Canada, and a federal leader, it is his responsibility to defend the basic human rights of every Canadian citizen, not only on Canadian soil but Canadians abroad as well. Mr. Trudeau’s recent statement that he does not want to interfere with this law is a complete failure of leadership and a lack of responsibility.

Mr. Trudeau has always attempted to present himself as a supporter of minorities, however he has failed them today. It has become clear that his statements supporting racial minorities are empty words, and his campaign of diversity and inclusion is nothing but fake.  Mr. Trudeau has been fooling minorities with these false slogans. Racial minorities in Canada need to reflect the betrayal and hypocrisy of Mr. Trudeau, and whether he still deserves their support.

The statements of some individual backbencher MPs from Ontario who have significant number of constituents from racial communities are meaningless. These statements are nothing more than an attempt to pacify their voters. These MPs should be questioning the Prime Minister in the House of Commons as to why he has not challenged this law in the Supreme Court of Canada. If these MPs continue to be part of Liberal Party, It is their duty to raise this issue with the Liberal Government, as racial minorities have always supported the Liberal Party.

Centrist Party condemns the utter lack of concern, inaction, irresponsible behaviour, and indifferent role that Mr. Trudeau has played regarding Quebec Bill 21. He has failed to protect the basic human rights of Canadians provided by the Canadian Charter of Fights and Freedom. This raises a big question, should Mr. Trudeau be leading our nation?


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