As society becomes more divided, it becomes increasingly difficult to reunite it. Once polarization is introduced to society, it does not take long before it escalates into every institution. It can negatively disrupt the social climate of the society, the faster it escalates. To decrease the polarization in society, society must balance the internal conflicts caused by differing partisan views with an agreement to reach societal objectives. Rather than putting leaders in power who encourage polarization, leaders should focus more on the country’s long-term future and the security of all its members, not just those who support that leader.

A major role that impacts polarization is media. Rather than media pursuing partisan divides, the media should limit it by promoting institutional reform and using its power to draw attention to the differences between groups and create a balance. As media focused more on taking sides in society, their platforms need to be re-evaluated to the point of encouragement to learn different perspectives rather than building on your side.

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