Demand of oil is increasing globally


The average annual global oil demand has increased from 21 million barrels/day in 1960 to almost 90m b/d in 2013. It is currently projected to average 108m b/d in 2035.The global demand for oil will continue increasing after COVID-19 is over and since Canada has third largest reserve of oil, we are well positioned to fulfill this global need. There have been well organized campaigns against the oil and gas industry of Alberta which have been hailed and supported by other oil producing countries. Some Canadian political parties proclaim that Canadian oil is dead. They need to understand that by abandoning our oil industry, world will not stop using oil. Indeed, the use of oil will keep on increasing, but there will be no Canadian oil in the international market.

Canadian environmental and human rights standards

By abandoning our oil and gas industry which operates under highest environmental and human rights standards, other countries like Russia, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela will increase their production of oil to meet the global demand and will take our place. There is no comparison of the low environmental and human rights standards of these countries with highest environmental and human rights standards of Canadian oil industry.  Canadian pipelines also have the lowest record of leaks and spillage. The environmental standards of Canadian oil and gas industry are further improving.

Canadian gas can replace coal

Indeed, by providing Canadian gas, many heavily populated countries including India and China can replace their coal plants with Canadian gas as a source of energy and reduce the global GHG emissions. Thus, developing Canadian oil and gas is indirectly beneficial for the environment from global perspective.

Liberal and conservative’s lack of action

We understand that Liberal or Conservative governments had no real interest in developing Alberta’s oil and gas sector. Conservative governments have always taken Alberta for granted. Harper Conservatives developed the current equalization formula to favor Quebec at the cost of Alberta to win elections in Quebec.

Decline of investment in oil and gas industry

Due to uncertainty of transmountain pipeline, the investors pulled out their investment from this project, which was then bought by the federal government for $4.5 billions. The progress on this project has been less than satisfactory. The Energy East pipeline got canceled due to unrealistic regulations from national energy board.  Bill C 69 made the process of building pipelines too complex to be practical. As a result, the capital investment in oil and gas sector has significantly decreased from more than $80 billion in 2014 to less than $40 billion in 2019. This has negatively impacted the economy of Alberta with increased unemployment.

Transport of oil by rail

If the pipelines are not built, the oil will be transported by Rail which is much more dangerous for the environment as well as humans as has been previously seen with the Lac-Mégantic tragedy in Quebec on July 6, 2013.

Transition of renewable energy

Although we fully support the transition to renewable sources of energy as soon as possible, but unfortunately it will not take place overnight. In fact, in next several decades the demand of oil will continue to increase, and therefore we need to continue developing our oil and gas industry.

Climate change is a global problem

Big polluting nations like China, USA, Russia, and India are the ones who need to do more, and they should follow Canada as an example. Climate change is a global problem and needs global solution.

Canada is responsible for only 1.6% of Global GHG emissions Not only our oil and gas sector has the potential to be the source of employment, revenues, and economic well-being of Canadians, but also reduction in global GHG emission. Its further development will lead to prosperity of all Canadians.

Centrist Party of Canada strongly believes in developing our natural resources, oil and gas industry and in building pipelines to have our natural resources access to much broader the international market

A centrist government will,

  • Provide fact-based information about impact of Canadian natural resources on global GHG emissions and climate change.
  • Follow the most practical and balanced approach between economy and Climate action.
  • We will expose the foreign support behind the agenda of parties which are lobbying to stop the crucial energy projects of Canada.
  • We will provide fact- based information to all Canadians including indigenous communities about the highest environmental standards of Canadian oil and gas industry.
  • We will work to find a common ground and reach an agreement with all those communities which are directly or indirectly impacted by pipelines.
  • We will aim to put an end to import of any oil to Canada.
  •   We will collaborate and engage in dialogue with communities which are directly or indirectly affected by pipeline projects and we will satisfy concerns of these groups and involve them in these projects of building pipelines. We believe Canadians including Indigenous communities understand their benefit and loss and if involved properly, they will support the development of these projects.
  • Majority of Quebecers are supportive of using oil from Western Canada than foreign oil. A Centrist government will review energy east project for the greater advantage of our country.

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