Politicians supporting use of recreational Cannabis care more about votes than protecting public health. Recreational use of Cannabis is now legal in Canada and most parties even if they opposed initially are in support of this legislation.

They maintain that legalizing recreational marijuana is not only economically beneficial for the country, but falsely say that it also helps save lives. Those who supported legalizing recreational marijuana say that it reduces opioid abuse and overuse deaths.

One of the research studies from 2015 in United States showed that access to medical marijuana was associated with them 16% decrease in opiate overdose deaths and 28% reduction in opiate abuse related admissions to hospitals. However, this report did not take into account of increase in traffic related accidents, cannabis related poisoning and hospitalization.

Experience of Colorado and Washington states

After legalization of recreational cannabis in the Washington state the number of traffic accidents due to marijuana impaired drivers doubled in the years after the legalization of recreational marijuana.

In the Colorado state the number of fatal accidents involving marijuana increased by 62% since the recreational use was legalized in 2012.

In the Colorado state the marijuana related hospitalization increased on average of 30% every year since legalization of marijuana and marijuana related poisoning increased sharply in both Colorado and Washington states.

Physicians in Children’s Hospital in Denver USA reported that after legalization of recreational marijuana the emergency department was treating 1 to2 children a month for accidental ingestion of marijuana.

Supporters of the use of recreational marijuana argue that it saves a life by giving an alternative to people who use opioids.

When Colorado state legalized marijuana it became the number one state in the US to have the marijuana use with rates of more than 12 percent.

In both Washington and Colorado, the illegal black market for drugs have exploded with organized crime groups with increased youth access.

Is marijuana harmful?

Like Tobacco, Marijuana can also harm the non-smokers due to second-hand use.

The highly potent marijuana edibles including candy, cookies and soda will increase and pose a significant risk for children as well as pets.

Gradually, the advertisements for the marijuana edibles will become common like soft drinks.

Many studies have linked the use of marijuana with mental health problems such as anxiety, mood problems, psychotic and bipolar disorders.

Marijuana is also responsible for relationship issues, poor academic performance, employment issues, impaired cognitive function including memory issues, learning deficit, lower IQ.

We will learn the consequences of legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada with time

There is clear evidence that human brain does not fully mature till the age of 25, and marijuana has detrimental effects on developing brain.

Centrist Party of Canada will support increasing the age limit and implementing other restrictions on advertisement and access. We will follow the guidelines provided by Canadian medical association.

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