Hyper polarization caused by politics injures democratic institutions. Members of the justice system and legislature become puppets rather than being independent. The decisions based on their interests benefit their party rather than focusing on the interests of the whole country. Hyper polarization leads to distrust amongst the two parties as they view each other as threats within society. The intensification leads to political opponents’ rivalry, promoting that behaviour to be allowed with their supporting parties against one another. The division contributes to a spike in hate crimes and violence between right and left wing, deeply impacting civil society altogether. It can lead to accepting public discrimination, destroying social trust, violence to partake in society, and allowing truth to lose its value when people choose to follow their groups’ messages rather than accept the real truth.

Members of society divide themselves based on their political party, which causes many conflicts, bringing a negative perspective on the different groups in society. Polarization has led to toxic disagreements in society, pinning citizens against one another and destroying the country’s social climate. As polarization increases, it risks the democratic system, which is already beginning to occur as individuals are beginning to lose belief in democratic institutions. As members of society are becoming more aware of the political climate and engage in politics, they are starting to believe that democratic institutions lack political diversity, losing trust in the democratic system. The country’s ability to problem-solving becomes much more complex, with polarization taking part in the decisions. Because the divide between an individual’s beliefs and opinions is on extreme levels against one another, it becomes difficult for individuals to agree on solutions that benefit society’s greater good. Rather than thinking of what is beneficial to the country, they tend to focus on what is better for themselves and their party.

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